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Executive Management

Manne Cosme Headshot

Manny Cosme

President & CEO

About Manny

An entrepreneur with diverse accounting experience and a love for sharing knowledge, Manuel “Manny” Cosme is driven to help other small businesses. Working in large and small companies – and for himself – Manny witnessed that ongoing struggles with financial responsibilities often hold businesses back from their goals. He saw a solution and made it happen.

“I envisioned a proactive approach, a way to spot issues before they grow into problems and I created a company to fill that gap,” he said. CFO Services Group supports new, small and growing organizations with scalable accounting expertise and services beyond typical bookkeeping or tax firms.

With more than 20 years focus on managing finances and administration, Manny has the high-level experience and training that his clients need and want.

Teaching clients to understand their reports is a priority. “I help small business owners make decisions based on their financial statements,” he said. For example, he encourages weekly discussions of cash flow projections. “Can I cover my obligations? Do I need a line of credit? How does that work at the bank? These are all things I can help clients learn.”

Manny graduated summa cum laude from the School of Economics and Business Administration at Saint Mary’s College in California, with a dual major in Accounting and Economics and a minor in Mathematics.

He worked as a financial statement auditor in a national public accounting firm and left to join a small accounting firm focusing on bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation for small businesses.  He jumped at the opportunity to purchase the payroll processing portion of the business and incorporated it under the name of PBSG, Inc.  After three years, he successfully positioned the company and sold it to a major competitor, Fortune 500 payroll company ADP.

Having realized how much he loved running a business, Manny began looking for an opportunity to create one from the ground up as he gained more management experience. He became the accounting manager for the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and then moved across the country to accept the position of Chief Financial Officer for the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington D.C.

After three years as CFO, Manny felt the time was right to launch his new business. He created CFO Services Group in 2012 and looks forward to building a national clientele. “I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit and I believe in helping others.”

Manny credits his training as a relationship coach and his spiritual studies for his approach to understanding and advising his clients.

“Listening, educating, being proactive. Those are the ways I can make a difference,” he said. “Owners seem comfortable talking to me and that helps head off problems.”

Manny has won several awards, including 2024 Small Business Person of the Year for District of Columbia, Washington DC, by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Hispanic Small Business of the Year by the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, LGBTQ Business Leader of the Year by the Washington Business Journal, and Best Accounting Firm by the Washington City Paper. He is active in the community, recently serving on the DC Tech and Venture Council, and is an active member of the Entrepreneur Organization’s DC Chapter. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Latino Leaders Magazine, and several of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce + Inc. Magazine Small Business Town Hall sessions.

Manny enjoys living in the vibrant D.C. area and down time often includes video games, yoga, camping and hiking.

Credentials & Accolades:

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor
  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting and Economics, Summa Cum Laude, Saint Mary’s College of California
  • Associate Certified Coach for Business, International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Best Accounting Firm (by Washington City Paper)
  • LGBTQ+ Business Leader of the Year (by Washington Business Journal)
  • Hispanic Small Business of the Year (by Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce)
Headshot Photo of Rachael

Rachel Clark

Chief Operating Officer

About Rachel

Rachel Clark has been helping business owners transform and run their business for over 19 years. Her excellent leadership skills, effective management and supervisory skills has helped her lead complex teams, in a multitude of industries. Her complex thinking skills has allowed her to develop structure and systems that allows an organization to run efficiently and productively.

After graduating from Business School acquiring a B.S. from Sonoma State University, she began her career in Executive Recruiting. This allowed her to develop many people skills that gave her an experience of working with a myriad of employees and identifying how to get results through other people. She spent 16 years coaching business owners, which helped her acquire skills working with CEO’s and building a business to achieve their Vision’s. Her career has been built on connecting CEO’s to the functions of their business, including employees, that allows for the entire business eco system to run successfully.

In her free time, Rachel is an avid long distance runner, wife and mother. She resides in Mendocino, CA where she and her husband continue to operate their own small business.


Non-Profit Accounting Team

Georgia Headshot Photo

Gilbert Saldana

 Supervisor NP Team

About Gilbert

Gilbert Saldana is an Accounting Supervisor, for the Non-Profit team.  A United States Army Veteran with over 20 years of leadership, finance, accounting, and small business management experience. Gilbert owns a small business and has extensive experience in a multitude of finance, logistics, and leadership roles. Gilbert has helped organizations adopt cloud-based ERP and financial systems for over 5 years, ensuring his clients are always using the best tech has to offer.

Gilbert is from Texas, where he resides with his beautiful wife, two sons, and four cats. He graduated from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi and earned a BBA in general business.  He went on to serve 9 years of active duty as an Officer while he earned his MBA in management and strategy, from WGU.  

Gilbert is passionate about helping small businesses and their owners. He wrote a book in 2021 to help anyone learn unique financial skills, easily.   

In his free time, Gilbert runs, writes for his blog, and roots for the Dallas Cowboys and the USMNT.  He also enjoys spending time with his wife, loves making his sons laugh and pushing the limits of his boundaries. 

Headshot photo of Kristi Bottoms

Noni Cambridge

Financial Planning & Analysis Lead

About Noni

Noni Cambridge is an experienced accountant with over 25 years of professional experience in the field. She graduated from Rockhurst University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. Recognizing the importance of further education, Noni pursued an MBA from Bellevue University, enhancing her knowledge and skills in the financial domain.

Throughout her extensive career, Noni has worked with a diverse range of companies, from Fortune 500 corporations to smaller sole proprietorships. Her industry exposure spans across food services, banking, construction, insurance, and shipping & mailing companies. Within these organizations, she has held various roles, including transactional accountant, lead accountant, general analyst, and senior financial & planning analyst.

In December of 2018, Noni decided to shift her focus from working with corporate for-profit entities to the nonprofit sector, specifically churches. She took on the responsibility of managing the accounting needs of up to five churches simultaneously, showcasing her adaptability and versatility. During this period, Noni actively engaged with multiple software platforms, ensuring the efficient handling of financial processes while aligning them with the churches’ mission statements. She continued working with churches until the beginning of 2023.

Throughout her career, whether working with nonprofits or larger organizations, Noni has always cherished the storytelling aspect of accounting. She believes in empowering her business partners by helping them comprehend their financials and leveraging that knowledge to make informed decisions for sustainable growth and overall financial well-being.

Residing in Omaha, Nebraska, Noni has spent the majority of her life in the city and even lives in her childhood home. She is a proud mother of an adult daughter, a teenage son, and a loving grandmother to a five-year-old granddaughter. Family holds great importance to her, and she cherishes spending quality time with both her immediate and extended family, most of whom also reside in Omaha. In her leisure time, Noni enjoys traveling to destinations with beautiful beaches, watching movies, and indulging in a good book.

Melissa headshot photo

Michaun Pellman

Full Charge Accountant

About Michaun

Michaun Pellman is a Full Charge Accountant here at CFO Services Group. She has had a love of accounting since she took an Accounting 1 class in high school. From there she pursued a career in bookkeeping for small businesses and non-profits in the Colorado area. This is where she learned that this work is very meaningful to her because she has a passion for helping her clients. Michaun is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Accounting from Colorado State University Global.

 Michaun’s heart can be seen in her work ethic and customer service. One of her core values is being kind because you never know what someone is really going through. Throughout her years of bookkeeping, she has learned that keeping a positive attitude, having accountability, and having good communication skills help in building quality relationships. She has also been able to improve her attention to detail and problem-solving skills by navigating through multiple platforms and types of businesses. Michaun is excited to continue to learn and grow these skills with the CFO Services Group team.

 Michaun is a Colorado native, currently residing in the little town of Florence, Colorado with her boyfriend as they conquer life together. She loves to spend her free time outdoors biking, hiking, meditating, or walking around the main street. Other than that, you can catch her spending time with her cat, Earl Gray, and her boyfriend’s dog, Hollister.

Deven Trammell Photo

Deven Trammell

Associate Accountant

About Deven

Deven Trammell is an Associate Accountant here at CFO Services Group. Deven began his career in facility Management after graduating from Pensacola Christian College and remained with the organization for 3 years serving as their Residence Manager. His adept skills and experience in customer service, financials, and management are an asset to our team.  

He graduated from Pensacola Christian College in Florida with his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a minor in Management. While working as a Residence Manager, he coordinated maintenance and environmental services projects to ensure that both buildings he managed were well-maintained and functional. He utilized his natural problem-solving personality to facilitate interpersonal mediation whenever he was needed. 

After Florida, Deven moved to Arizona and accepted a position as a Loan Specialist for a mortgage company. His attention to detail ensured that homeowner’s loans were processed accurately and timely. With more direct experience in financials, he soon learned that he had a distinct drive to improve his skills as an accountant and began working on his Masters degree in Accounting through Liberty University.  

In his free time, Deven enjoys exercising, reading, and spending time playing with his dog named Tank.  

Deven Trammell Photo

Ciarra Bork

Associate Acountant

About Ciarra

Ciarra Bork is an Associate Accountant here at CFO Services Group. Her interest in accounting began after taking a Personal Finance class in high school. From here she began taking courses for business management after high school and graduated from Pueblo Community College with an Associate of Arts in Business Management. She then continued her education at Colorado State University – Pueblo where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Accounting. During her time in college, she started her career in bookkeeping working with small businesses and non-profits around Colorado.

Ciarra believes that kindness goes a long way and is an important foundation in her work. During her time working with small business owners and nonprofit boards she has learned to look at things from other people’s perspectives to really see the whole picture. She has been able to take her skills in bookkeeping and grow with each new client by working with new teams, markets, and software. Ciarra is excited to expand her skills and knowledge with CFO Services Group.

Ciarra currently resides in Canon City, Colorado with her fiancé and their two dogs Avalanche and Kimber. During her free time, she enjoys hiking and fishing in the surrounding areas, or you can catch her reading a good book or crocheting.

Small Business Accounting Team

Angela Conway Photo

Angela Conway

Supervisor SMB Team

About Angela

Angela Conway is a Lead Accountant with over 20 years of accounting experience, including many years at the Controller position.  She has primarily worked with small businesses and has extensive experience in a multitude of accounting and human resources roles. Angela also has experience leading accounting teams and advising managers in budgeting, forecasting, cash flow, financial statements, and other management issues.  She has worked extensively with QuickBooks and has taught the software program to newer accounting professionals. 

Angela is originally from upstate New York and moved to South Carolina in 1995 after obtaining her Accounting Degree at SUNY Oneonta.  She has taught Business Mathematics at the college level and obtained a Master of Management degree in South Carolina.  She’s currently working on her Master of Business Administration. 

Angela is a dedicated individual with a passion for helping small to mid-size businesses and their owners. She is resourceful and efficient and is an effective communicator with attention to detail.  Angela is diligent and focused on her work. 

In her free time, she enjoys her three sons and her pets.  She also enjoys traveling with her husband, loves sightseeing and trying out local restaurants. 

Caitlyn Cameron Headshot

Caitlyn Cameron

Associate Accountant

About Caitlyn

Caitlyn Cameron found her start in the accounting industry through her mother’s teachings. Watching her mother thrive as a Senior Accountant lit a fire in Caitlyn as she began to recognize her love and appreciation for business and analyticity. This passion flourished into a motivation to study accounting both inside and outside of the classroom. Through self-study, Caitlyn found that she adored data entry and working with numbers, leading to her position with CFO Services Group as an Associate Accountant.
Embracing her long history of quality customer service, Caitlyn enjoys providing assistance, resolving issues, and maximizing efficiencies to support her clients. With strong communication skills, resourcefulness, and a diverse knowledge in accounting practices, Caitlyn excels in streamlining procedures and providing the support that organizations need to grow. Focusing on both satisfaction and boosting productivity, Caitlyn ensures all financial information is meticulously scrutinized, allowing her clients to make knowledgeable decisions regarding their financial needs.
Caitlyn was born and raised in Georgia and earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology with a focus on Industrial-Organizational Management from Kennesaw State University. Thus, she possesses a scientific approach to business and offers professionally developed techniques and evidence-based results to her clients. Caitlyn is self-motivated and dedicated to ensuring the highest quality care for her colleagues and clients.
Although she currently resides in Georgia, Caitlyn has plans to move to the windy city of Chicago. She is happy to be a part of CFO Services Group and is looking forward to contributing to the company’s growth and their clients’ success. In her free time, she enjoys every aspect surrounding music, walking her cats, baking, and learning new languages.

Caitlyn Cameron Headshot

Sarah  Lipsey

Associate Accountant

About Sarah

Sarah Lipsey is an Associate Accountant here at CFO Services Group. Sarah began her career in the mortgage industry and discovered her love for numbers and business. She decided to start her education at University of Phoenix to obtain an Associates in Business Administration, and she continued her education with completion of her Bachelors in Accounting.

Sarah brings a diverse accounting background that includes fund accounting, banking, and title insurance services. She strives for attention to detail, customer service, and kindness. Her goal is to help wherever she can, whether it be at work with her clients and colleagues or in her personal life with friends. She has a love of animals and assists with rescuing them.

In her free time, she enjoys traveling to new places with her husband, gardening, reading mystery books, and learning new things. She has three loving dogs, Duke, Jack, and Louie. She also has a cat named Yuki and eight chickens.

Growth Team

Rosie Samiento Photo

Jamie Wiley

Growth Consultant

About Jamie

Jamie Wiley is a driven professional based in Paso Robles, CA.  He embarked on a successful career in the mortgage industry at a young age, while attending Sonoma State University. With a wealth of experience as a high level sales assistant, loan officer and sales manager, he has demonstrated exceptional skills in building relationships and driving business growth.

As a growth consultant for CFO Services Group, he conducts initial consultations to comprehensively assess a company’s needs and crafts compelling presentations that showcase how CFO Services Group can best assist our clients in achieving their goals. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for identifying opportunities, he goes above and beyond to understand the challenges and objectives of each client. 

Beyond the professional realm, Jamie finds joy in family life, being a dedicated spouse and proud parent of a vibrant 6 year old daughter.  The household is completed by the presence of two beloved dogs who bring warmth and companionship.  During leisure time, he indulges in exploring the captivating world of wineries, nurturing a genuine passion for wine. 

Combining a strong work ethic, valuable expertise and an appreciation for life’s simple pleasures, Jamie Wiley continues to make strides both personally and professionally.

Chance Browning Photo

Paola Zambrana

Director of Community Engagement

About Paola

Paola Zambrana was born in Bolivia and raised in Fairfax, Virginia, and adores Northern Virginia for all the natural beauty it has. She particularly treasures the connections she makes with both the people, energy, and environment of the local area. She earned her Bachelor of the Arts in International Studies from George Mason University, and her lifetime dream of serving her community via non-profit work and volunteering in the community is actualized with her work at CFO Services Group. She is incredibly involved in her local community, volunteering her time packing meals for the less fortunate, serving food in shelters, handing out care packages to the homeless in winter, and many more activities. She also volunteers with the Childhood Cancer community, a cause very dear to her heart.  

With her fluent Spanish bilingual skills and over 20 years of experience in business development, sales, marketing, event management, and running her own business, she brings a wide range of expertise to CFO Services Group. She has worked for many prestigious organizations in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area, as well as some of the largest nonprofit organizations.  With this experience, she branched off to run her own business coordinating, planning, and running major festivals and events in the City of Alexandria, Virginia. While operating her own business and juggling everything, she learned from firsthand experience the struggles that many small business owners face with the journey in achieving their goals. This experience is a vital aspect of her professional growth, and she is thankful to utilize it by serving other businesses in building her relationships and serving the needs of her clients with her skills as both a great team player and a leader. 

When she is not working, she loves spending time with her big loud family. She is kept busy raising her two beautiful daughters with her oldest daughter attending college in New York and her youngest daughter coding her way through life. She is at her happiest when playing with her two Chihuahua/Jack Russel puppies while watching her favorite television show, The Office. Paola genuinely believes she has found her forever family here with CFO Services Group. 

Rosie Samiento Photo

Rosie Sarmiento

Marketing Associate

About Rosie

Our Marketing Associate Rosie Sarmiento joins us from El Paso, Texas with over 6 years of customer service experience in the freight, dining, and security service industries. Rosie’s unique adaptability and experience allows her to utilize her natural intuition to assist in finding our potential clients the perfect service solution to meet their needs. Having previously lived in Panama and California, she also brings her Spanish bilingual skills to the team, making her well-equipped to assist CFO Services Group in our mission to expand our accounting educational programs to a wider audience of business owners and nonprofit organizations. 

In Rosie’s spare time, she loves taking opportunities to expand her palate by trying new coffee and cuisines in her local area. She also enjoys spending time with her blended family of 5 children, 2 dogs named Sammie and Frankie, and her wonderful parents.   

Administrative Team

Leslie Reyes Headshot Photo

Leslie Reyes


About Leslie

Our Administrative Assistant Leslie Reyes is passionate about helping our small business owners and nonprofit organization clientele in each of their missions for success. She also provides her exceptional support to our CFO Services Group staff by assisting with administrative tasks, Spanish bilingual communication skills, project management, and a wide variety of requests.  

 Leslie earned her Associates degree in Medical Administration from Grantham University and spent most of her career in the healthcare industry as both a Registered Medical Assistant and a pharmaceutical clinical research assistant for over 25 years. Before joining us at CFO Services Group, she was a manager at a medical practice handling medical billing, managing accounts, and coordinating various projects to facilitate smooth office operations. 

 Originally from Texas, Leslie has also lived in New Mexico, Hawaii, and Panama with her husband while he was actively serving in the United States Navy. Now settled in their permanent home in El Paso, Texas, Leslie loves playing with her two dogs named Lumos and Chole, as well as spending quality time with her big family and 9 wonderful grandchildren. 

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