Accounting Services and Virtual CFO Services

We're Not Your Typical Accounting Firm

A Message from our President/CEO:


“I founded CFO Services Group to answer a need that no one was addressing: experienced accounting services within the reach of small businesses and nonprofits. Big companies can afford to hire departments of full-time staff, but your small business also needs someone to pay the bills, send out and collect on invoices, manage cash flow and help you with strategic plans. CFO Services Group bridges this gap by providing professional accounting solutions designed especially with your needs in mind.


We’re here to help you manage your payroll, invoicing and paying bills. During this process, we are also looking out for your financial stability. Our senior-level team will dig deeper into your financials, adhering to best practices and work within your company on strategy and execution. We can develop cash flow projections and help you understand forecasts. We can make sense of detailed financial reports to help with strategic planning.


We do not replace a traditional CPA firm focused only on your taxes. In fact, we encourage you to keep your CPA. We outshine the traditional bookkeeper who may not have the sophistication, training, or security measures to manage your critical finances. 


I look forward to learning how we can help your business succeed and grow.” 


Manuel “Manny” Cosme

President and CEO

Manny Cosme, President/CFO

Payroll Management

Personalized Management & Problem Solving

Is your team managing payroll and employee relations within all the legal parameters required? 

CFO Services has hands-on payroll management solutions that include:


  • Direct Point of Contact for Employees

  • Onboarding and Offboarding

  • PTO Policy Design and Tracking

  • Benefit Plan Research

  • Taxes & W-2s

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Accounting Support System

DIY Affordable Solutions 

Is your business doing everything properly to keep up with your business receipts, invoices, and bills? 

CFO Services has a simple “do-it-yourself” Accounting Support System to help you keep your accounting records accurate and current. A low monthly fee includes:

  • Private and Group Support

  • Access To Our E-Learning Courses

  • Quarterly Clean Up

  • No Commitment or Contracts

Virtual CFO Program

Affordable Senior-Level Financial Expertise

Would your strategic planning be enhanced by the advice of an experienced Chief Financial Officer?

Our Outsourced CFO Program includes our proprietary “CFO Diagnostic Checklist” that is designed to quickly help us get up to speed with your organization’s financial situation. Our affordable program includes: 

  • Private Meetings With CFO

  • Weekly Group Mastermind

  • Access To E-Learning Platform

  • Project Work

  • No Commitment

Special Projects

Customized Solutions for Specialized Accounting Help

Do you have a project that could use expert help from an experienced professional accounting team?

The team at CFO Services is ready to assist you with special projects including: 

  • Bookkeeping Clean-Up & Catch-Up

  • Financial Projections

  • Annual Budgeting

  • Project Budgeting for Grant Proposals

Outsourced Accounting Department

Bigger business means bigger problems. 


Is your business growing beyond what your accounting and bookkeeping systems can manage accurately and efficiently? 

CFO Services offers Turn-key and Custom: 

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payables

  • Receivables

  • Payroll

  • Compliance & Specialist Management 

  • Financing & Growth Strategies

eLearning Courses

Learn How To Manage Your Business Finances

Are you ready to take the next step in learing sound accounting practices that will help your business grow? We've produced a number of web-based instructional courses to help businesses learn about best practices in accounting and financial planning.

Start-Up Financial Accelerator

Tailor-Made For New Business Owners

Starting up a new business is quite a daunting task. There are so many things to think about and to do. But the number one thing you can do to ensure to set up a strong financial foundation in your business from Day One. Our 20-week accelerator will help you: 

  • Set a growth strategy for your new business

  • Teach you the skills you need to manage your records

  • Get unique perspectives from a group of your peers and private, dedicated CFO

  • All for a low fee designed to be affordable for new business owners.