Accounting Support System

Expert Accounting Support At Your Fingertips

Newly formed small businesses and non-profit organizations may not have the budget to hire a full outsourced accounting department or an experienced CFO.  That's why we created our "do-it-yourself" Accounting Support System to offer a more affordable solution for your business accounting needs.

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It’s very important to keep your accounting records up to date on a regular basis, otherwise you have no true visibility into how your company is performing and whether it is meeting all of your goals.  Without hiring someone to do this hard work for you, it falls on your shoulders to do the upkeep.  We created this service in response to this.  It’s a way that you can more easily keep your records updated and accurate and lean on us for support at the same time.  You won't lose the visibility into your company and can continue to make crucial decisions needed to keep you on the path to profitability.


With our System, you can rest assured that your bookkeeping will be done right by you.  You don't have to become an accounting expert to ensure that your books are complete.  We make our System easy to utilize, with plenty of education and one-on-one support from our team of experts to ensure that your financial information is of the highest quality.  


And with a low monthly fee, its definitely a System that you can easily afford and need!

Your Accounting Support System

Explore the key features of our Support System to gain all the support you need
to ensure your books are correct and up-to-date.

Private Support

Ask any private questions and get customized help.

Weekly Group Support

Ask any questions during our weekly group support session (or listen in and get additional tips).

Access To E-Learning Platform

Access to our entire library of courses, to maximize your ability to get quality help.

Quarterly Clean Up

Clean up your files once every quarter and make sure that everything is caught up and accurate.


Get discounted rates when you need extra CFO hours.

No Commitment

Cancel anytime with 30-day notice.

Business Accounting Support:  A Sample Scenario

Cheryl is the owner of a small coffee shop.  She started the business only a year ago, and is struggling to earn enough revenue to break even.  She relies on solid financial information to help her make the critical decisions needed to ensure that her business stays afloat.  Cheryl would love to hire a management accounting firm to handle all her financial needs but she simply cannot afford a full engagement at this point, so she must rely on herself to get the accounting information input and processed correctly.


Our Solution:  

Cheryl can benefit from expert guidance to help her keep on top of her accounting tasks and ensure that her financial information is accurate and timely.  Subscribing to our Do-It-Yourself Support System was the perfect solution to Cheryl's needs.  She immediately received a customized accounting department operations manual and task checklist, explaining to her exactly what work needed to be done on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis, along with detailed instructions on how to complete the tasks.  She also took a QuickBooks "Crash Course" to gain some hands-on experience and continued to take our monthly education workshops to deepen her knowledge.  Whenever Cheryl had a question that she couldn't answer, she simply reached out to one of our accounting experts and received immediate professional help.  Now Cheryl is running her business with accurate financial information, so she can make smart decisions to grow her business.