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We are so passionate about accounting best practices that we offer free resources to every business and non-profit.

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Virtual & In-Person Learning Opportunities


  • See our leadership team presenting at live events, workshops, and online webinars
  • Find our team at networking events in the greater Washington DC area (we’re very active in our community)
  • Some live events also offer virtual or replay options


  • We have an extensive online library of virtual accounting classes
  • Some of our fundamental classes are offered for free
  • One of the advantages of being our clients is complete access to all classes

Our Blog

Washington Blade Article: Gay-owned firm joins D.C. small business bond program

We're honored to be featured in the Washington Blade  By Lou Chibbaro Jr. - Washington Blade"CFO Services Group, a gay-owned D.C. financial services consulting company, is one of six D.C. small businesses to participate in a program launched in September by Mayor...

Grow with CFO – Bond Offering

Company Bond Offering Through SMBXWe’re excited to announce that we are now offering Small Business Bonds™ through SMBX to raise money for our expansion. The best part about buying our bonds is that you’ll get 7% annual interest, paid back each month + principle. In...

5 Easy Steps To Creating Your Financial Projections

Easily Create Financial Projections That You Can Use To Grow Your BusinessCreating financial projections are vital to the success of your business. Your financial projections serve as a roadmap, showing you in detail how you will get from where you are today (Point A)...

Which Product Is Making You Money?

Make sure you are selling the right product mix to maximize your revenue.Business nowadays are anything but simple. The fast-paced evolution of technology has made it easier for entrepreneurs to dive into several lines of business. I recently met a young man who owns...

Follow The Metrics

Review these five simple metrics to ensure your business is on track.Your financial statements tell a story about your business. If you ever feel like your business is stuck and you don’t know how to proceed, the answer is often contained in your financial...

The Importance Of Diversifying Revenue

Protect yourself by having multiple streams of income.Creating diversifying revenue streams within your business is very important and crucial to the long-term success of any venture. Winning clients and customers takes time and patience, and a lot of relationship...