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We are so passionate about accounting best practices that we offer free resources to every business and non-profit.

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Virtual & In-Person Learning Opportunities


  • See our leadership team presenting at live events, workshops, and online webinars
  • Find our team at networking events in the greater Washington DC area (we’re very active in our community)
  • Some live events also offer virtual or replay options


  • We have an extensive online library of virtual accounting classes
  • Some of our fundamental classes are offered for free
  • One of the advantages of being our clients is complete access to all classes

Our Blog

Understanding Your Non-Profit’s Financial Reports: What to Do as a Board Member

"This week's Ask Manny question comes from Heather."Question:I’m on the board of a non-profit. The Treasurer and Executive Director present a financial report to us every month at our board meeting. The financial information definitely seems important. However, I’m...

Thinking About Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping and Taxes? Here’s What You Need to Know About Costs!

"This week's Ask Manny question comes from Carol."Question:I’m tired of doing my own bookkeeping and taxes, and I want to outsource them. But I’m afraid it’s going to cost too much. How much should I be prepared to spend on accounting services for my...

Why Non-Profits Need a Budget (And How It Can Help)

"This week's Ask Manny question comes from Charlie."Question:Do I really need a budget?  I’ve been told repeatedly that non-profits must have a budget. But I don’t understand why. I have so many things on my plate and I’d rather not have another to-do added to my list...

How a CFO Can Help Our Big Business Grow

"This week's Ask Manny question comes from Frank."Question:I run a $5M business and I need a CFO to help me manage finances as we grow!  However… I don’t have the time to work with a CFO.  I recognize that my CFO needs to meet with me regularly, ask me questions and...

Keeping Track: Managing Costs in My Business

"This week's Ask Manny question comes from Amber."Question:I own a research and consulting business, providing services to the government and other large organizations. Projects are complex and can take several months to complete. I’m always concerned that I’m going...

Waiting for Payment: What to Do When Invoices Go Unpaid

"This week's Ask Manny question comes from Kevin."Question:My invoices go unpaid for long periods of time. I do website development for other small businesses. I do the work, I send them the invoice, and then… crickets! Sometimes it takes people months to pay me. I’ve...