Accounting Classes

We have a passion for educating small business owners and non-profit leaders on how to manage their finances. We belive that the more you understand your finances, the better you can truly unlock the potential of your business or organization. 

​That’s why we created our vast library of e-learning accounting classes. These are tailor designed to help you understand and manage your finances. We have some free class avalilable to everyone and some are only via subscription. Our clients get full access to all classes. 

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Free Accounting Classes

Try out our expert accounting classes to see how we make accounting easy to understand. The following classes are available for free. 

Quickbooks Online Crash Course

In a hurry to start using QuickBooks Online?  Learn the top three things you need to start using QuickBooks right now.  This is a free quickbooks class to help small business owners and non-profit leaders take the first step in getting their finances in order.

Get Your Books Ready For Taxes

You made it through another year of business. But you’re not done yet! You still have to file your income tax return. Learn how to properly close out your bookkeeping records and get them ready for this important task.

How To Gather W-9s & File 1099s

Which contractors are required to get 1099s? What information do you need to collect and how do W-9s play a role in this? And how do you actually to the technical task of filing the 1099s with the IRS? This presentation will answer these questions, so you can get your 1099s issued and check this compliance task off of your to-do list.

New Business Crash Course

Starting up a new business is quite a daunting task. This free webinar will help you figure out what to do from day one and ensure that your business is a success!

Disaster Planning In Uncertain Times

How to survive…and thrive…when the economy is taking a downward turn.

Financial Reports

Generating and reviewing your organizations financial reports are essential to future success. In this course we’ll review what financial reports you should regularly generate and review.  

Premium Accounting Classes

All of our CFO Services Group clients get full access to our paid premium accounting classes. Not ready to be a client but still want access? For only $50/month you can sign up to access our premium accounting classes. 

Financial Strategy For Small Businesses and Non-Profits

Learn how to build a business or non-profit organization with financial strength, using the mindset of a Chief Financial Officer. This bundle of 15 courses includes the following premium accounting courses:

Access Courses

  • Diversify Your Revenue Streams
  • Guide Your Business Growth With Financial Projections
  • Build Strategic Budgets To Grow Your Non-Profit
  • How To Get An SBA Loan
  • New Business Crash Course 
  • Updating Your Financial Projections 
  • Employee Performance Management
  • Align Personal And Business Goals
  • Analyzing Your Financial Report Card
  • Disaster Planning In Uncertain Times
  • Risk And Insurance Review
  • Sales Goals And Product Mix
  • Strengthen Your Sales Contracts
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Working Capital And Burn Rate 

Bookkeeping Basics For Small Businesses & Non-Profits

Learn how to easily keep your records updated and accurate, and ensure that you have the visibility into your company that you need to make crucial decisions to keep you on the path to profitability.

Access Courses

  • Sales Tax Basics
  • QuickBooks Crash Course
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Tracking Sales & Customers
  • Tracking Expenditures & Vendors 
  • Banking & Reconciliations 
  • Items & Inventory
  • Workflows
  • How To Gather W-9s and File 1099s
  • Financial Reports 
  • Getting Your Books Ready For Taxes