Company Bond Offering Through SMBX

We’re excited to announce that we are now offering Small Business Bonds™ through SMBX to raise money for our expansion. The best part about buying our bonds is that you’ll get 7% annual interest, paid back each month + principle. In just a few days CFO Services Group has raised over $10,000 from over 30 investors like you!

About CFO Services Group
CFO Services Group offers affordable accounting and bookkeeping services for growing businesses and nonprofits. Since 2012, our company has provided insights and financial services for our customers, saving them both time and frustration. CFO Services Group enhances our customers’ teams with senior-level bookkeepers and experienced financial accountants. We are an affordable and flexible service that builds a strong foundation for blossoming companies.

About the CFOX Bond Offering on SMBX
Investing in Small Business Bonds starts as low as $10. Check out the below FAQs for the most common questions investors have asked so far.

What are you using the money for?
We will be using the funds raised to expand our company’s reach and hire a digital marketing firm that will help us begin our aggressive growth over the next two years. This will include an updated website, marketing strategy, marketing and sales collateral, as well as managing ad campaigns on social media sites.

Why not just borrow from a bank?
Why work with big institutions when we can pay that interest to our community? You get passive monthly income, we get the capital we need to grow. Win-Win.

Do I own a portion of the business?
No, unlike other platforms where you get equity in a business and then have to wait for a return, with SMBX you get paid back in monthly installments with interest.

How does it work?

  1. SMBX reviewed CFO Services Group’s business model and financials to determine our qualifications and risk level. We were fortunate to be one of the select few to pass.
  2. Investors (like you) invest into an offering for as little as $10. This money is held in an escrow account until the end of the offering.
  3. When the offering ends and all the Bonds are purchased, the money is transferred from the escrow account to us.
  4. 1 month after the bond is issued, you’ll begin receiving monthly principal and 7% interest payments. You’ll receive 60 monthly payments until your investment is paid back plus interest.

How much will I get back?
It depends on how much you invest. When you purchase Small Business BondsTM your estimated total and monthly return will be calculated for you. Check out the below examples for investing $100 vs $1,000 in CFO Services Group.

Cell phone showing bond offering of 100 and 1,000 dollars

When do I get paid?

You’ll receive your first payment 1 month after you receive your bond certificate.

Invest in CFO Services Group by visiting our offering page here.