“Congratulations,” said the headline on the email that popped up on my screen. Normally I ignore the email notifications that I get as they tend to be more spam mail or nonurgent questions that can wait until the end of the day. But this one definitely caught my attention. Curiosity killed the cat as they say. And so I couldn’t resist opening it right away.

“It is with such pleasure and pride that I am letting you know that CFO Services Group has been selected as our 2022 Small Business of the Year Award Recipient at our Annual GWHCC Gala and Hispanic Business Hall of Fame.

I couldn’t believe it. Did they just say that we WON?? We are the Small Business of the Year?? My little business?? I was in disbelief… until the phone rang about 60 seconds later. It was my team member Paola. “OMG DID YOU JUST SEE THAT EMAIL?? WE WON!!” She was screaming into the phone. That’s when I knew it was real. We won!!!

Running a business is hard. It’s brain taxing. It’s emotionally draining. A rollercoaster of feelings. Some days you feel like you’re winning, on top of the world. The next day you’re struggling to fix something that broke. Am I doing the right thing? Am I moving the ball forward? Am I actually making a difference with my clients, my team, my community? These thoughts constantly plague us owners.

So when a prestigious organization recognizes and presents you with an award, that is a validation of all the blood, sweat and tears that you and your team have put into your business. YES we are making a difference with our clients, with our team, and with our community. We are moving the ball forward.

But the work does not stop here. In fact it is just beginning. To reach one milestone simply necessitates the creation of the next milestone. We grow or we die. So what’s next for us?

Our passion is to help small businesses and small non-profits achieve their financial goals (whatever those goals may be). Our vision is to be THE brand name of management accounting services for micro-organizations across the country. If you are a small business or non-profit and need help understanding your finances, doing your invoicing, paying your employees, or just need guidance on how to grow with financial stability, we want you to think of us first and know that we can help.

So our natural next step is to serve more clients in more communities. More bookkeeping services. More advisory services. More education teaching people how to understand and use their financial information to achieve goals. Because businesses want this. Businesses NEED this. Together we all rise.

With an emboldened sense of purpose and validation, we are moving full-steam ahead. We are on a mission to help 1,000 businesses across our country achieve their financial goals. And guess what? We’re going to do it. 100% guaranteed.

Look out world cause here we come!