Non-profit Accounting Solutions

Affordable Accounting Services for Non-Profit Organizations


Expert accounting services can get expensive and senior-level accounting expertise might be out of reach for some non-profit organizations. At CFO Services Group we salute the non-profit sector by offering affordable expert accounting services to non-profits.

We know the particular challenges and opportunities non-profits face. Ensuring you have sound fiscal policies and accounting practices in place can help you look more appealing to grant funders and government compliance reviews. 


Accounting Services for Grant Applications


Some grants require detailed fiscal documents and properly prepared budgets and forecast projections. Our accounting team at CFO Services Group can help provide the proper oversight and development of the right reports to produce for your grant application. See what a difference a professional accounting team can make to your next grant writing proposal.

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Virtual CFO Services


Many non-profit organizations would benefit from the oversight of a seasoned Chief Financial Officer but can’t afford the full-time salary to have a CFO on staff.


This is where our Virtual CFO Services come in, with this and our Outsourced CFO Program we have a proprietary “CFO Diagnostic Checklist” that is designed to quickly get our team up to speed with your organization's financial situation and make data-informed recommendations. Hire us to prepare your next year’s fiscal budget or to oversee your third party audit committee. 

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DIY Affordable Non-Profit Accounting Solutions


Check out our “do-it-yourself” Accounting Support System to help you keep accurate accounting records and develop best practices for your accounting needs. We offer affordable solutions for non-profits designed to help you grow.


Our e-learning courses are perfect for non-profit accounting team members to get up to speed with accounting best practices. 

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Let us help your non-profit fulfill your mission, contact us for a free 1-hour consultation and evaluation of your business accounting needs.