Payroll Management

Hands-On Payroll Management Beyond Simple Payroll Processing

It’s no secret, managing payroll can be time-consuming and confusing, with potential penalties attached. That’s why we offer you the option of handing payroll management over to our dedicated professionals. Our approach goes above and beyond traditional payroll services (putting information into a computer system and spitting out checks).  


With complete payroll management services, we take care of everything from advising you about best practices to issuing annual W-2s and filings to the IRS. Just as we manage your accounting needs as a trusted partner, we will become your payroll adviser and problem-solver.

For example, we reach out to employees directly when we need information and we support a relationship that encourages them to contact us with questions or needs. Gone is your time spent as the middleman.

Our relationship also includes expert, ongoing analysis of your payroll practices and our trusted, proactive approach to problem-solving. If needed, we identify and open tax accounts and help you set up benefit plans. We are there for employee onboarding and when employees leave, we consult on best practices for offboarding to ensure that they are smoothly terminated from payroll and benefits.  

Don’t settle for simple paycheck processing when our complete payroll management approach will save your business time and trouble.

Your Payroll Department

Choose our Payroll Department service to benefit from payroll services beyond traditional payroll processing.

Direct Point of Contact for Employees

Onboarding and Offboarding

PTO Policy Design and Tracking

Benefit Plan Research


Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Payroll Management Solutions:  A Sample Scenario

D Enterprises is a growing business that first approached us to straighten out a DIY bookkeeping system that was wasting an executive’s valuable time. As we looked into their payroll operations, we discovered that she also was spending too much time chasing timesheets and processing paychecks. Plus, no one could verify that W-2s were correctly delivered or reported to the IRS. For a company making a lot of new hires, this was a risky situation. 


Our Solution:  

We designed an A-Z system to handle the company’s books and payroll. Our payroll department approach starts with reaching out to her new hires directly to collect and file the required paperwork. We classify employees for worker’s compensation insurance and see that premiums are paid on time. Now, D Enterprises’ tax and withholding payments are remitted on schedule to state and federal agencies, 401(k) plans, health insurance brokers and other benefit plan administrators. Paychecks go out like clockwork and we set up direct deposit for employees. Best of all, when employees have questions about payroll, they call us first.  


Now that their payroll is running smoothly, we are working with them to establish additional benefit plans that will save on taxes for employees - and the company. Employees are happy. Worries about compliance have disappeared and the executives are spending their time more profitably.