Scalable Accounting Solutions for Small Business

Basic accounting best practices and principles are critical for success in any size business. Accurate record-keeping, invoicing, and forecasting will help keep your business on the right growth trajectory. Our seasoned experts specialize in offering small business accounting services that are efficient and affordable. 

Small Business Accounting Service



We have DIY and managed bookkeeping solutions to help your business keep accurate records of your financial transactions. Keeping accurate accounting records is critical for small businesses to thrive. Our team can help you evaluate and classify your assets, liabilities, and equity and produce monthly and annual profit and loss balance sheets. See our blog on The Importance of Diversifying Revenue.

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Properly managing and forecasting your payables will help your business plan for larger purchases, additional staff, and expansions. Our team will help you develop the right payables strategy to meet your cash flow needs.
See our blog on How To Manage Your Bills.

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Are you struggling to get paid by your customers or clients? Find out how CFO Services Group can save you time and streamline your account receivables and collections activities. We can help you develop and implement best practices and policies for your accounts receivables management.  See our blogs on Collecting on Past Due Invoices and How Quickly Do Customers Pay You?




Accounting can get complicated once you have employees and sub-contractors working for your small business. There are also many legal requirements to payroll that you must comply with regarding employees and contractors. Proper financial projections can ensure you have enough cash to cover payroll.


Our expert accounting specialists can also recommend additional ways to cover payroll if your company gets into a cash flow problem. See our blog on Secure Credit to Cover Payroll

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Compliance & Specialist Management 

Let CFO Services Group manage your compliance and specialist accounting firms like your tax accountant on your behalf. We know what to look for in a good firm and the right questions to ask. We also can double-check that all repots provided appear to be accurate and compliant with any contractual or legal requirements your business might have. See our blog on Choose the Right Tax Preparer

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Financing & Growth Strategies

Is your business growing as fast as it could be? Should you look at securing a line of credit to increase your sales and marketing activities? Do you need help putting together an accurate budget and forecast? This is the core of what we put into every aspect of our managed accounting services at CFO Services Group. See our blog on
How To Create Meaningful Financial Projections.

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