Special Accounting Projects

Expert Accounting Advice to Help You Grow

Sometimes you just need a little guidance to get you moving and growing in the right direction.  You can rely on CFO Services Group to help guide your special accounting projects.  

See some examples of the work we've done as a one-time project, or let us know if there's something else you're looking for.  We will be happy to work with you and figure out how to get you growing!

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Examples of Special Accounting Projects

Here are some examples of special projects we've done 

Bookkeeping Clean-Up & Catch-Up

Bookkeeping isn't always the first thing on your mind.  However, come tax time, you may be scrambling to get your affairs in order so Uncle Sam can take their cut.  Leave it to us to quickly clean up and catch up your prior year bookkeeping records.  By having our professional staff do your bookkeeping, you can ensure that we will include all the bona fide business deductions that you need to minimize your tax burden.  Best of all, we work with your tax accountant to give them the final results and stay in touch to answer all of their questions (so you can focus on your business).

Financial Projections

Want to grow your business but not sure how?  A Financial Projection is the road map you need to get you from Point A to Point B.  This intricate process will help you figure out your sales goals, costs to prepare for, and identify any cash gaps you will have and think about how to bridge those gaps.

Annual Budget

Perfect for non-profit organizations who need to create an annual budget but are not sure how to go about this. We can meet with you and the rest of your Board of Directors to understand the objectives you want to achieve, and then work systematically to build a strategic budget.  We will also teach you how to manage and monitor your budget moving forward so you can use this powerful tool to keep you moving towards your goals.