Accounting for Government Contractors

Small businesses that contract with government agencies have special accounting needs. Our expert accountants ensure that you comply with DCAA standards while providing visibility into your finances for effective management.

Always Be Ready To Bid

Your books will always be prepped and accurate the moment you’re ready to bid on a project or submit an invoice.

DCAA-Compliant Bookkeeping

It takes a knowledgeable professional to properly keep DCAA books. This type of accounting can be time-consuming and confusing, with lots of grey area in classifying transactions. We bring that expert eye to your books while giving you visibility into your numbers from a management perspective.

Government Invoicing Services

​​Submitting invoices to government agencies can easily get you tangled up in knots. You may need to sign into a special web portal and fill out scores of fields to submit a simple invoice. Even a small error can get you kicked back and asked to re-submit without any note of what’s wrong. Doing this right takes a trained and patient pro. We can be yours.

Financial Advising

DCAA is for government reporting, but it doesn’t tell you about the financial health of your business. Along with providing these specialized accounting services, our team can assist you with financial knowledge that will help you run your contracting business more efficiently.

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Project-Based Accounting

When managing multiple simultaneous contracts, you need to track the revenue and expenses for each project separately. We give you project-level information to ensure that you remain on budget…and make a profit.

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Spot-on Pricing Advice

Bidding on government contracts can be daunting, especially for those price-fixed contracts. Our expert CFOs can help you ensure that you are pricing your bids for success.

Stay in Compliance

Did you remember to update your SAM registration this year? Government work requires that you stay in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, and that you file updated information regularly. Let us help you keep on top of all of this so you can focus on fulfilling your contracts.