Accounting for Law Firms

As a growing law firm, you need accurate financial management. Our team of experts offers specialized accounting services and support, such as handling IOLTA and trust accounting. Our team allows you to focus on what you do best—serving your clients.

Keep Your IOLTA Accurate

Law firm accounting must be tightly calibrated to properly manage retainers. Your clients expect it, and so do regulators. We will be your knowledgeable and practiced partner to make sure you stay in compliance and treat your clients right.

Accurate Bill Rates

Are your bill rates too low (or too high)? There is a science to figuring out how much you should charge your clients. Our expert CFOs can help figure out a strong bill rate for each level of staff in your firm so you can ensure that every case will result in a profit.

Bookkeeping for Law Firms

Our team of experts provides full-service bookkeeping, including one-on-one guidance to answer your questions and help you learn. We ensure that you always have high-quality financial data at the ready to inform important organizational decisions.

Attorney Invoicing Services

Managing invoices for client accounts is a complex task for law firms; doing this right takes a trained and patient pro. Our team helps you ensure you’re invoicing properly by carefully applying your clients’ retainers against invoices.

Client Retainer Cleanup

Our team of experts can clean up your IOLTA accounts and provide clear schedules on whose money is still being held in the retainer. We can help transfer funds from IOLTA accounts to general operating accounts, as needed.

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Accept Credit Card Payments

It’s essential to follow regulations when accepting electronic payments from your clients. You can’t allow chargebacks or merchant fees to your IOLTA trust accounts. We can help you identify and set up compliant electronic payment systems so you can get paid more quickly and efficiently.

Accurate Time Tracking System

To accurately bill your clients, you need to track the time of multiple employees, each at a different billable rate, when you have a team working on a case. Let us help you set up an easy-to-use time tracking system. We’ll even help you get those invoices out the door.