Virtual CFO Program

Grow Your Business With Financial Strength

Growing a small business or non-profit organization can be challenging.  There are so many decisions and actions to take on a daily basis, it can give you a headache.  And often the decisions that have to be made are difficult and murky at best.  You need expert guidance to help you make the RIGHT decision so that your business is positioned to achieve your goals.  

Conference Room

The best person to get advice from, of course, is an experienced Chief Financial Officer.  But adding headcount with an experienced CFO can be expensive and cost-prohibitive for a small business.  That's why we designed our Fractional Virtual CFO Program to give you all the benefits of an experienced CFO without all the cost. 



We will use our proprietary “CFO Diagnostic Checklist” to ensure that your business is running smoothly and efficiency.  And with a combination of expert CFO advice and peer experience share, you are assured to get the answers you need to grow your business.

Your Consulting Program

Choose our Virtual CFO Program to immediately start positioning your company to grow and meet your goals with these key features.

Private Meetings With CFO

Meet with your CFO on a regular basis to analyze progress, review projects and set goals.

Weekly Group Mastermind

Seek advice from your fellow peer business owners and/or CFO in your weekly group meeting.

Access To E-Learning Platform

Access to our entire library of courses, to maximize your ability to get quality help.

Project Work

Put your CFO to work and get tangible results on any project you mutually decided on.


Get discounted rates when you need extra CFO hours.

No Commitment

Cancel anytime with 30-day notice.

Virtual CFO:  A Sample Scenario

Rover Bathing is a dog grooming service that is growing fast.  Omar, the owner of Rover Bathing, wants to open more locations and expand into new cities over the next few years.  Yet with all the fast revenue growth, Omar still feels that something is wrong with the business.  It's not generating as much profit as he thinks it should be, for example.  And he's not sure that the added expenses he's taken on lately are the best financial decision.  Should he hire additional staff to free up his time to work on more management and strategy work? Are his prices adequate as he grows?  These are questions Omar never really had to think about before when it was just him and his wife working the business.  Now he's growing quickly into the next phase of business life and its time to get serious about laying down strong financial foundations.


Our Solution:  

Omar really needs an expert Chief Financial Officer to help him analyze his business and make prudent financial decisions, so he signed up for our Board Room Consulting Program.  Working through the monthly workshops and accompanying workbooks, Omar gained a greater understanding of the Four Pillars To Financial Success that he needs to reinforce in his business.  And with the personal help of his assigned expert CFO, Omar was able to make real changes in his business structure when he saw the need.  Over the last few months, Omar has increased his prices so he's making more profit without increasing his expenses, set clear financial goals that he measures against on a quarterly basis to make sure the business is on track to achieve his goals, and started to build a strong cash reserve and secure lines of credit to ensure that business remains adequately funded as he expands operations.  Omar has built a solid financial foundation on which to grow his company.